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Travel Alert!-  Hwy 52 Road Construction

(For Immediate Release)- Highway 52 north of Rochester is currently under construction at multiple locations resulting in travel delays up to 30 minutes between Rochester and the Minneapolis International Airport.  

We recommend you budget for 2 hours of travel time from Rochester to MSP.  In addition to travel time to get to the airport, a 1.5 hour advance arrival at the airport is recommended for domestic flights, and 2.0 hours for international. 


Our Mission is to be recognized as best”.  We achieve this by giving drivers the proper tools to do their job, which includes new equipment, efficient dispatch systems, ample training, and rewards for service excellence.  Our systems for delivering quality service creates a positive experience for the customer that keep people coming back to Med City Taxi over an over again.

Recent Accolades:  Twice Awarded Best Taxi Service by the Rochester Post Bulletin, Reader’s Choice Awards.

What makes Med City Taxi unique? Our drivers are employees, not contractors, so right away you will notice a much higher quality standard.  We own our cabs, we maintain them, and they are cleaned and inspected daily.  Drivers are given special training in defensive driving techniques, hospitality and customer service training. Drivers are subject to pre-employment drug and alcohol testing, background checks, and driving record checks.  We have these rigid standards for our customers’ safety and well being. 

It is our employees who truly make the difference…  Some of our drivers and dispatch team have 20-30 years of industry experience and their passion for customer service excellence is clearly evident from your first interaction with them on the phone, to the driver who arrives to take you to your destination.  We love what we do, and it shows!  Many customers visiting Rochester have told us we have the finest taxi service they have ever experienced.  Thank you for visiting our website.  We look forward to providing you with the best!