Hello Drivers,

We hope you are all doing well and feeling well.

We would like to begin by thanking our dedicated staff that has continued to work during this recent crisis and we appreciate your hard work.

We understand that in this uncertain time you need to take care of yourselves and family, however we do have a business to run and we need to know what your plans are.  We are still averaging over 100 calls a day and our numbers are growing.  While this is great news, we have been also averaging 20 cancellations per day.  Most of the cancellations are due to us taking to long to get to the passengers.  Compare that to 32 per day before the shutdowns and a full compliment of drivers.  Guys this is unacceptable.

City Lines has shut down their commuter buses and we do anticipate an increase in demand for services during the morning and afternoon rushes.  The current stay home order is scheduled to end May 4th and, with any common sense, Governor Walz should begin to reopen many businesses and get things moving again.

We are asking all of you who we have not worked in the past two weeks to contact our office and speak to Michelle, Steph or Adam and let us know what your plans are and if and/or when you plan on returning to work.  We will hold a seat for you if you are planning on coming back to work in the near future, but we need and idea on how many seats to hold.

We are posting jobs today for new drivers, beginning today.  We know that some of you will not be coming back for a while and we need to find new drivers in the meantime.

We do look forward to hearing from you and we hope you all have a great day.


Owners and Management

Med City Taxi Inc.




To our valued independent contractors:

Information changes by the day so please be aware that this information is correct as of this date and information may change as more information becomes available.

You may have seen on the news that I.C.s may be allowed to apply for unemployment insurance.  The official guidance we have at this time is that you may apply, however you not receive payments until the federal government gives the states more information about the CARES Act.  More information can be found on this web page.

At this time if you need access to money we are still recommending that you apply for the PPP plan.  More information is listed down below.  You may have seen that larger banks have paused applications but smaller banks and credit unions are still taking applications.


We know that due to health conditions for yourself or your family, some of you have chosen not to continue driving until things are better. We understand and respect your decision.  For those that are still interested, we are still averaging over 100 calls a day.  While that is down two-thirds from a few weeks ago, we still have a strong customer base that needs transportation. We are also working on securing more delivery and other accounts to keep everyone busy.  If you are interested in driving, please call dispatch to see what vehicles are available and how our current demand.

Please stay safe out there,





Our valued independent contractors:

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is part of the stimulus package that recently passed congress.  It allows Independent Contractors to apply for low interest loans to help pay for business expenses including your wages.  Some of the loans are forgivable which means, if you qualify, you may not have to pay back this money to the bank.

The loans are offered through normal financial institutions like banks and credit unions.  You will apply directly through them.

We cannot offer any legal or financial advice about these programs, but we wanted to make you aware that they are available, and you may qualify for them.  Please consult your legal, accounting and financial professionals for more information.

More information about all of the SBA’s programs can be found at the Small Business Administration’s web page for COVID-19. This link is for direct information about the PPP

We also have a hand out available at the office, or Adam can email it to you. If you would like it emailed, please drop Adam a note at: adam.pierce@limostar.com

Please stay safe,





Our valued staff,

To begin we hope all of you are safe and taking care of yourselves.  This has been a tough couple of weeks so far and it looks like April will be one of the slowest months on record since the company began.

We do not want to sugar coat the situation, but we will tell you where we are.  We are down to around 100 trips a day.  Many of our regular local passengers still need to continue to use our services daily to go to the grocery store or for medical appointments.   The TNCs have not been on the road as much as before and the longer this goes on, the less we anticipate seeing them out there.  Our hotel routes have been put on pause while this goes on.  While this will help drum up more business for you, our normal business from the hotels and airport has dried up.

You may have noticed we have been selling vehicles.  The vehicles that we have sold were older and high mileage vehicles.  This was done as part of our normal vehicle cycle, and we were able to get top dollar for the vehicles before the slow down hit us hard.  We still have a couple available, however you will need to pay cash for them, we cannot offer any other payment terms for them. See Adam if you would like more info about them.

If you are in desperate need of food or essential supplies to keep your household in order, please let Steph or Adam know and we will do what we can to help you out.     We will keep it confidential.

We do ask you all to take a moment to pause and give thanks for what we still have and ask for strength to weather this storm, so that when we come out the other side we are all in a healthy place, both physically and mentally.  Tim and Tina have built the company on a strong foundation and are in position to weather the storm and come out even stronger than ever.

If you have any suggestions to help grow our business, even during this slow time, please let us know so we can get everyone back to work as soon as possible.  One small idea or hot tip could be the difference.

Again, we ask that you take the necessary steps to keep yourself and family safe and healthy during this time and we hope you all have a great day.


Ownership and Management

Med City Taxi and Yellow Cab of Rochester