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We are currently looking for the following:

Part Time Drivers: All Shifts – All Days   *we especially need coverage from 2pm-6pm Monday through Friday, and weekends all hours.  We have taxis on the road 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Chances are, we have the perfect shift for you!

Commonly asked questions:

Q:  “How is driving taxi different than driving for Uber or Lyft?”

A:  When driving for Uber or Lyft, you need to use your own car, provide your own insurance, maintenance and upkeep, and your car has to meet Uber and Lyft’s guidelines for model year, etc… If a passenger gets sick in your vehicle, or damages your vehicle, the repairs are at  your expense.   With driving taxi, we provide the vehicle, insurance, maintenance and upkeep.

Q:  “With Uber and Lyft, I can work when I want, and I hear the money is pretty good.  How does that compare with driving cab?”

A:  You can work when you want driving taxi, choosing the shift and/or hours that work best for you.  Unfortunately, the myth behind making good money with Uber and Lyft is not true for most drivers.  Most cannot make a living at it, and find the wear and tear (and miles) they put on their personal vehicle is not worth it.   You can make a living wage driving taxi full-time in Rochester.

Q:  “How often do I get paid driving cab?”

A:  Daily and every 2 weeks.  Each day you go home with cash in your pocket.  Every two weeks we pay you trips that were direct billed, such as corporate accounts we service.



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If you have any questions please call us at 507-282-8294 and ask for the Operations Manager